Global kids and family entertainment major Toonz Media Group has partnered with India’s ELE Animations Pvt Ltd to co-produce Drac and Skeletons, both companies said in a joint statement. Developed and owned by Toonz and ELE, it has an international appeal for kids 4 to 7 years old. The spooky chase comedy series will be produced into a 78×7” animated series in 2D Digital format in two versions— International version in English and Indian version in Hindi.

Drac and Skeletons is about two netherworld rivals trying to outwit each other as three prankster skeletons take refuge at Count Dracula Junior’s castle only to stay there forever! The skeletons try to outsmart and outrun Drac (a Vegan Vampire) but Drac has few tricks up his sleeve to keep his home. What follows is a thoroughly entertaining sidesplitting chase comedy!

Silas Hickey who has produced multiple award-winning shows and has pioneered several original content development initiatives in Asia Pacific for Cartoon Network/WarnerMedia will be the creative consultant for this show along with Paul Nicholson, known for The Amazing World of Gumball, The Heroic Quest of the Valiant Prince Ivandoe, and other successful international animated series. Both will bring in their creative vision to support the team with an international perspective and make this IP a successful one.

Toonz will undertake the responsibility for the entire pre & post-production of the series. Voice-over and post-production of the international version will be handled by Telegael, a Toonz affiliate company based in Ireland. Toonz will also have the exclusive distribution rights to exploit the series in all media and platforms including L&M rights worldwide, except Ireland. ELE Animations will undertake the responsibility for the entire animation production of the Series.

We consider this agreement with ELE Animations to co-produce this Indian IP as a strategic one as Drac and Skeletons has a universal theme,” P Jayakumar, Chief Executive Officer of Toonz Media Group said and added that there will be both domestic and international versions because of the big interest from broadcasters. Durga Prasad, Director, ELE Animations Pvt Ltd said: “When we first discussed the project with Toonz, we decided then and there that it is a kind of IP we should be part of. It has all the ingredients to be a fan favorite among international and domestic audience.”

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