Toonz Media and Ele Animations Partner for New 2D Animated Series based on adventures of Lord Jagannath

Global kids and family entertainment major Toonz Media Group has announced its strategic collaboration with Ele Animations, a fast-emerging animation company based in Odisha to bring “Jay Jagannath” a charming multi-genre series that will appeal to kids and families everywhere.

Born out of Ele Animations’ commitment to share the lesser-known stories of Lord Jagannath with the wider audience, “Jay Jagannath” presents these narratives in an animated and entertaining storytelling format. The series preserves the essence of the relationship between an ardent devotee and his God, showcasing the beauty of friendship, devotion, and the rich cultural heritage of India to keep the viewers entertained.

The heartwarming series highlights the endearing friendship between Lord Jagannath, embodied as Jagan, and his devout follower Balram Das, who wholeheartedly accepts Jagan as his friend, savior, and divine deity. Ele Animations, as the intellectual property owner, has granted exclusive distribution rights to Toonz Media Group for this 52×11″ animated series. The collaboration aims to target kids as well as families, combining action, humor, and fun to celebrate the power of devotion, the beauty of friendship and cultural heritage of India. In addition to distribution, Ele Animation has provided Toonz the license to exploit, manage and distribute the series through any mode, media, and format. Toonz has now got the exclusive right to distribute the series on Toonz’s YouTube channels.

Toonz Media Group will also take charge of Licensing and Merchandising (L&M) activities like securing partnerships to promote the merchandise and exploring opportunities for merchandise outlets. “Toonz has already forged a lasting relationship with Ele Animations and we are pleased to join hands with them again for this interesting IP. “Jay Jagannath” obviously is having a PAN India appeal, which will entertain and interest viewers of all age groups including kids. We are sure that there are plenty of opportunities for both of us and are keen to make this IP a successful one,” P Jayakumar, Chief Executive Officer of Toonz Media Group said.

Durga Prasad Dalai, Director, Ele Animations Pvt Ltd said: “We are thrilled to collaborate with Toonz Media Group to bring ‘Jay Jagannath’ to audiences worldwide. Our goal is to share the richness of Lord Jagannath’s stories in an engaging and culturally significant manner.” Toonz is a 360-degree media powerhouse with over two decades of unparalleled experience and one of world’s most active animation production studios (over 10,000 minutes of 2D and CGI kids and family content per year). Toonz has to its credit several animations and live-action series, as well as feature films including Wolverine and The X-men with Marvel, Speedracer Next Generation with Lionsgate, Mostly Ghostly with Universal, Gummy Bear and Friends, and more. Toonz has also ventured into the NFT space by launching a first-of-its-kind NFT design lab – Toonz NFTLabs – in association with blockchain R&D company GuardianLink. ELE Animations is emerging as a top exporter in the kids’ animation segment, offering cutting-edge technology, top-notch quality, and original storytelling methodologies. With a strong international presence, having exported services to clients in over 36 countries, ELE Animations is now making significant strides with its own IP production and an international IP partnership with Toonz. Learn more at